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Alpacas for Sale

Due to relocation we are selling our herd of quality alpacas.
All our gorgeous males and females are currently for sale.
We have a selection of colours and ages to suit your budget.
Why not buy a starter herd of pregnant females:
an ideal way to grow your herd quickly and experience the excitement of new arrivals into your herd.

To arrange a viewing or to find out more please call or message Amanda on 07956254990

With over 10 years experience breeding alpacas, we are proud to offer high quality, healthy and happy alpacas for sale. We are now large enough to provide prospective alpaca owners with a great selection of young male and female alpacas, pregnant females, pet males and stud males.

We are also still small enough to ensure you receive all the bespoke information you need to make the right selection for your purposes; whether it’s a few pet males to enjoy in your paddock, or you are considering starting your own herd with a package of females and a stud male, we will help you navigate along the way.

We advise on alpaca welfare including grazing, nutrition, health, husbandry, haltering and handling, as well as breeding and fibre quality. Our alpacas for sale are available in a range of solid colours from white through fawn to dark brown and black, but we also breed a stunning range of multi-coloured alpacas, which are increasingly sought after due to their unique colourings.

Included with Each Alpaca:
British Alpaca Society registration
British Alpaca Society certificate detailing lineage
Vet check
Ultrasound scan confirming pregnancy (if appropriate)
Guaranteed live birth (if appropriate)
On-going advice and support
Onsite training as required

Price guide:
Each of our alpacas is priced according to the quality of their fleece, conformation and colour. Depending on your goals and your budget we will ensure you receive value for money.

Packages are available when you purchase three or more alpacas (please note we do not sell less than 3 unless you are adding to a herd).
We provide training and on-going support to help you care for, handle, shear and breed from your alpacas.

Please email, message or call to find out more, we look forward to helping you put your ideal herd together!

Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale
Alpacas for sale, Alpaca for Sale

Females for Sale:
Good quality breeding females are the foundation to starting and growing a new herd. Young females are available from 6 months old, as well as yearlings and older with a proven track record of successful mating, pregnancy and producing live cria (baby alpacas).

Pregnant Females:
All our females are mated with our in-house stud males who exhibit exceptional fleece, conformation, and also have a proven track record of producing healthy cria.
Purchasing pregnant females is a sure fire way to quickly double your herd numbers, and experience the excitement and anticipation of the arrival of stunning cria.

Pet Males:
Purchasing a few pet males is a great way to start your alpaca journey! These are boys who haven’t quite made the cut to be one of our stud males. However what they lack in physical perfection, they make up for in personality and will provide a great addition to your life!

Stud Males:
Our stud males will bring quality genetics to your herd, fine fleece, great conformation and a proven track record of successful matings.
You will have a large herd of good quality alpacas to choose from in a variety of multi colours as well as solid colours which contrast and compliment in the field. Each alpaca priced according to the quality of their fleece and colour.


Stud Service

We love multi-coloured alpacas!! So much so that we now specialise in breeding stunning multi-coloured alpacas. Just take a look at the variety of multi-coloured alpacas in our herd gallery.

Our studs are not only beautiful to look at, their fleece is also fine and dense. They also bring strong conformation, adding both quality genetics AND colour to your herd.

We are delighted to be able to offer a stud service. During the months of May to end of July we provide a ‘drive-by’ service, bringing our stud boy to your herd. Using our stud boys will add beautiful multi coloured cria (baby alpaca) to your herd.

We provide a live birth guarantee. Stud fees are £400, with discounts available for more than one mating. Call us or get in touch above to discuss more.