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Sustainable Christmas

by Amanda

With all the festive activities, nostalgic Christmas songs and magical décor, Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year. I for one am excited to spend Christmas this year surrounded by our closest family and friends, and the alpacas of course, eating great amounts of food and drinking mulled wine. There’s always the anticipation of it being a white Christmas too and whilst it’s a rare occurrence, there’s nothing more magical than snow over the festive, period – though I’m not sure the alpacas would agree! With the pandemic restricting, and in a lot of cases cancelling Christmas 2020, we anticipate that Christmas 2021 is going to be huge. We’re already starting to see Christmas events sell out, and if people haven’t already started their Christmas shopping, they’re most definitely thinking about it.

Other than cancelling Christmas, the pandemic had an even bigger effect on buying habits. In 2020, we saw an influx of support for small businesses in an attempt to keep them alive throughout the various lockdowns, and whilst the Government introduced various schemes such as furloughs and grants, it was inevitable that not every business would see out the pandemic. Small businesses adapted, offering more services than they were used to and with the support of customers like you, it really helped many wonderful businesses survive and in some cases, thrive. 

And not only this, but the impact also that us as humans has on the planet was realised on a new scale, with people all over the world in lockdown and many productions lines and factories closed, global carbon emissions fell by 6.4%. I remember seeing a news story about the Venice canals, as water traffic had stopped and the air quality improving, fish could be seen the clear canal waters for the first time in many years. This sudden awareness of the human impact on the planet and how the change in our behaviour can have reverse effects, coupled with the climate crisis and the urgent need to do something, has meant that consumers are looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly products than ever before. So, we would like to invite you to join us this year in creating a sustainable Christmas. 

From crafts to gifting, here’s some ideas on how you can create a sustainable Christmas

(Alpaca) Fleece Navidad!

There’s something heart-warming about giving and receiving cards at Christmas and I’m sure they’re on display in every household. There are so many different cards to choose from and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Over the past few years, I began to make my own cards using recycled paper and pure alpaca wool. The time and effort that goes into these wonderful little cards is also always appreciated by those who receive them, more so than box cards. Not only this but they’re a joy to make, and especially fun if you can get the family involved. 

You can make your own Christmas cards with any items you have lying around the house, from wrapping paper, ribbons, wool, or any kind of fabric and I guarantee people will be delighted to receive them!

Deck the Halls

Just like Christmas cards, the range of Christmas decorations can get overwhelming. With all of the colours, shapes, patterns – how do you choose? Luckily most decorations are made to last and so once you have a good set you don’t need to worry about them for a few years. However, if like us you already have a collection of decorations and want to add one or two more to the collection why not get crafty? 

A few years ago, I used some of the spare wool from the Alpacas and started rolling it in to balls, creating little fluffy baubles and over the years I began to get more creative with them, adding gold thread to a few. They were great additions to our tree and I thought nothing more. When friends and family visited, the baubles got so many compliments and I even had requests to make some for them too. Each bauble takes around 20 minutes to make and certainly stand out on the tree. 

I recommend making your own decorations, recycling items you have lying around. It’s a rewarding activity and quite therapeutic too! Or, if you’re interested in adding some pure alpaca wool baubles, get in touch!

Silent Night

For gifts, you can always get crafty but with the current climate you might consider shopping with more small businesses or looking for sustainable items to give to friends and family this year. There are so many different businesses offering all sorts, you only have to look on Etsy at the vast collection of products available or for some inspiration.

At South House Alpacas we are a small business, created 10 years ago selling 100% pure alpaca wool quilts, pillows, and bedding sets that are not only sustainable, but luxuriously soft to touch and will keep you warm and cosy throughout the festive period. We recently compared Alpaca duvets to other types of duvets on the market and due to their many benefits including naturally thermo regulating properties and ethical production practices, they came out on top! 


And, if you know much about South House, you know that we are not only passionate about Alpacas, but we are also passionate about the planet and creating environmentally friendly products. From production to shelf, we ensure that everything about our bedding sets is kind on the planet. We truly believe that if you’re looking for a special gift to give this Christmas, our bedding sets are perfect.

All of our collections can be shopped here: 

If you get crafty this Christmas we would love to see all of your creations so please do send them to us at 

Whatever your plan is this Christmas, the team at South House wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you have the most wonderful time.