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Stay cool this summer with Alpaca bedding

by Amanda

With the sun shining, long days and light evenings, nothing quite beats the summer. Day trips to the beach and warm weather make it the perfect time of the year after what always seems like a very long and miserable winter. But whilst us brits love the sun; we also love our sleep too. And the one thing we still struggle with during the hot summer months is sleeping in heat. We’ve all been there on a hot night, desperately trying to sleep, pushing off the duvets, huffing and puffing whilst longing for the cool relief of an air-conditioning unit and nothing seems to work. In the end we accept our fate and endure a restless night’s sleep. After a while, the sleepless nights begin to take their toll and we turn to google for a solution. There’s many weird and wacky tips and tricks on the internet on how to stay cool during the night, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite’s and delved in to why they might not be the best idea after all.

Open the windows!

The simplest (and cheapest) trick of all is to sleep with the windows and doors open. If you are able to do so, sleeping with the bedroom windows and doors open will create a draught which will hopefully cool you down. However, on a humid evening, you’ll know that simply sleeping with the window open does nothing to cool you down and that so-called “draught” is non-existent. You also run the risk of inviting all sorts of bugs and flies into your room. Besides, if you live in the centre of a busy city, it won’t just be the heat keeping you awake!

Freeze everything… even your socks!

If keeping the window open isn’t an option, you could try putting your bed sheets in the fridge or freezer just before bedtime, but not only does this require a bit of effort, you’re also likely to work up more of a sweat putting the sheets back on the bed for what will only be a brief respite from the heat. An alternative to sheets is putting your socks in the freezer as it is proven to cool down your core temperature, but again it won’t last long and if anything, you’ll just be left with damp socks, and no one likes damp socks.

Get the fans out

A fan might seem like a great solution, it’s quick and doesn’t require much effort. Have you ever tried to purchase a fan during hot weather though? They’re like gold dust. But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a decent fan it’ll definitely be a sweet relief from the heat… until the electricity bill comes in. Keeping a fan running all night might run up quite a hefty bill, and whilst they’re a much better option for the environment than a cooling system – they still require a lot of energy to run.

Quick fixes

There are also the classics tips of taking a freezing cold shower before bed, staying hydrated and filling up a hot water bottle with cold water, but they’re all just quick fixes. In the summer heat, no matter what tips and tricks you take to try and get a decent night’s sleep, there doesn’t seem to be a long-term solution for staying cool.

Come to the dark side

There is, however, an effective way to keep the rooms in your house cool and that’s by keeping all of your windows, blinds and curtains shut throughout the day, not letting in any of the heat from the sun. You can even buy special blinds with reflective material so that when it comes to night-time, your room is cool enough to get a comfortable night’s sleep. But we have an even better way that doesn’t require you living in the dark…

Our solution? Alpacas!

Our best tip to staying cool is to invest in high quality breathable bedding like the ones we have available here at South House Alpacas. All of our bedding is made using 100% pure alpaca fleece and whilst it might seem counterintuitive to get tucked up under a duvet, Alpacas originated from Peru and have therefore evolved to withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Their fleece contains thermoregulatory properties and is highly breathable to ensure you’re getting the best nights sleep, whatever the weather.

Alpaca fleece is also one of the most ethical products available and is completely eco-friendly throughout the production process. No chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacture of our bedding and the animals themselves are given the best care and nutrition, so as to provide them with long-term health and to help them to maintain a glossy, healthy fleece. No alpacas are killed for their fleece, and they are not harmed at all during shearing. Great care is taken so as not to distress the animal or damage the fibres. We take great pride in looking after all of our alpaca’s here at South House and are able to offer high quality bedding products as a result.

So not only are our bedding sets both eco-friendly and sustainable, but they also work with your body temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, just like it does on the alpaca! If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep this summer, stay cool with our alpaca bedding sets.